Fantasy Football: Alshon Jeffery vs Brandon Marshall

As a Bears’ fan, it doesn’t really matter who has the better season, but let’s take a look at who will have a greater Fantasy Football impact in 2014.

In 2013, both Marshall and Jeffery put up some of the biggest WR numbers in the NFL and both made the Pro Bowl.

Alshon Jeffery Brandon Marshall

Alshon Jeffery had 89 receptions for 1421 yards and 7 touchdowns. He also rushed for another 105 yards.

Brandon Marshall had 100 receptions for 1295 and 12 touchdowns.

2013, was the 4th year that Brandon Marshall has had 100+ receptions with Jay Cutler as his quarterback.

Cutler threw 8 touchdowns to Brandon Marshall, while Josh McCown threw 4 touchdowns to Marshall.

Cutler only threw 3 touchdowns to Jeffery, compared to the 4 touchdowns from McCown.

So who will have the better fantasy football season? It’s close, but the edge this year goes to Brandon Marshall.

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