Episode 6: Week 1 Preview vs. Bills (plus Bills trivia!)

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In this week’s episode, Jordan and I preview the Bears’ Week 1 game against the Bills and play a round of Bills Trivia! (Hint: It’s about a Bills’ all-time great running back.)

I also make a Tecmo Super Bowl reference, which is my goal for each podcast. It’s the best video game of all time.

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Bills defense vs. Bears offense

• Who will be most tested on the Bears’ offensive line against the Bills’ formidable defensive line?

• How will the Bears’ attack Bills’ the back seven, which has lost LB Kiko Alonso (injury) and S Jarius Byrd (free agency)?

• Bills CB Stephon Gilmore is a good one. Which WR will he match up against?

Bills defense vs. Bears offense

• The Bears made big changes to their defensive line personnel during the offseason. Are they changes for the better?

• What do Bills RBs Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller bring to the table? (The Bills finished second in the league in rushing yards/game in 2013.)

• WR Sammy Watkins is the Bills’ biggest injury concern. Assuming he plays, how to the Bears shut him down?

• QB EJ Manuel is the Bills’ biggest question mark on offense. Can he challenge the Bears’ secondary?

• Speaking of secondary, who are the Bears’ starting safeties?


Gill Byrd’s greatness in Tecmo Super Bowl (Tecmo Geek)

Greg Cosell, Senior Producer NFL Films (Twitter)

Thurman Thomas career stats (Pro Football Reference)

Oklahoma Stats team stats for 1987 and 1988

And saving the best for last:

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