Episode 10: Week 6 Preview vs. Falcons — Should the Bears kick to Devin Hester?

In this week's podcast, we discuss why Lamarr Houston blasting fans on Twitter was a mistake.
In this week’s podcast, we discuss why Lamarr Houston blasting fans on Twitter was a mistake.

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In this week’s episode, Jordan and I review the Bears’ disappointing loss to the Panthers in Week 5, discuss why Lamarr Houston should sit out a few plays on Twitter and preview this weekend’s game against the Falcons.

Jordan was in Carolina for the game, so he talks about what the atmosphere was like in the stadium — when the Bears were winning 21-7 in the first half, and when he had to walk shamefully from the stadium after the Bears’ collapse.

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• Why do the Bears at times look flawless and other times look inept?

• Why Greg Olsen scoring two TDs against the Bears is like salt in the wound

• Have you ever seen anything like Philly Brown‘s punt return for a TD?

• Why Kyle Fuller deserves a pass for his pass interference call in the end zone

• After another concussion, what’s Chris Conte‘s future?

• How much of an effect has special teams coach Dave Toub‘s departure had on the Bears?

• Why Lamarr Houston was wrong to blast Bears fans on Twitter

• Should the Bears kick to Devin Hester?

• Who is Antone Smith and why should the Bears care?


VIDEO: Philly Brown’s punt return for a TD (Panthers.com)

Bears release Isaiah Frey, elevate Louis-Jean (ESPN)

Bears’ Jared Allen confident sacks will come (Chicago Tribune)

Falcons’ Antone Smith increasing value with every touch (ESPN)

John Hansen, publisher, FantasyGuru.com (Twitter)

Vaughn McClure, Atlanta Falcons reporter, ESPN (Twitter)

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