Dolphins’ All-22 Scouting Report – Week 7

If you’re into Xs and Os, check out Hub Arkush’s all-22 scouting report for the Dolphins, the Bears’ Week 7 opponent.

Arkush does a great job at, and his weekly scouting reports identify what the keys to the game will be, and his analysis is much more in-depth than you’ll get from most other sources.

A few things Arkush highlights:

  • The Dolphins’ defensive ends (Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon) are great pass rushers, so the Bears need to make sure they have their protection schemes in order, which means helping Bears right tackle Jordan Mills, who has been struggling in recent weeks.
  • Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has a tendency to make poor choices, but he’s dangerous when he tucks the ball away and starts to run. He actually ran a sub-4.6 40 at the NFL Combine and hurt Green Bay on the ground several times last week.
  • Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor uses more personnel packages than most coaches. One against Green Bay last week included putting speedy wide receiver Mike Wallace in the backfield.  The Bears’ defense has been susceptible to misdirection plays in the past, so it’s something to watch against Miami.

Check out the full scouting report here.

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