Episode 13: Week 10 Preview vs. Packers — James Neveau, NBC Chicago

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In this week’s episode, Jordan and I break down the Bears’ loss to the Patriots before the bye week and preview what appears to be a tall task against the Packers on Sunday night.

We also discuss injuries to players like Kyle Fuller and Lamarr Houston — what was he thinking?! — and the future of defense coordinator Mel Tucker.

This week’s special guest is James Neveau, who writes about the Bears for NBC Chicago. He helps us sort through who exactly is to blame for the Bears’ woes , sheds some light on the locker room discontent and outlines what the Bears need to do to stay competitive against the Pack. (Hint: “If Marc Trestman doesn’t try to run the ball early and often agains the Packers, he should be fired on the spot.”)

We also manage to find a way to talk about Curtis Enis and Rashaan Salaam! (Here’s the story about Salaam I reference.)

You can follow James on Twitter here and see all of his work for NBC Chicago here.

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• Why was Lamarr Houston celebrating a meaningless sack, and what does his injury mean for the rest of the defensive line?

• Why the absence of Kyle Fuller might spell disaster for the Bears’ defense

• Offensive link shake-up: Is it going to make a difference for better or worse?

• What’s defensive coordinator Mel Tucker‘s future with the organization?

• What have we learned about head coach Marc Trestman through nine weeks this season?

• How great seasons by RB Matt Forte and TE Martellus Bennett are getting lost in a disappointing Bears season

• Who’s to blame for the Bears’ woes: the coaching staff or individual players like Jay Cutler?

• Why are the Bears so quick to abandon the running game against teams like the Patriots?

• Why the Bears need to run early and often against the Packers

• Locker room friction: Is it as bad as it’s been made out to be? Is Trestman’s approach what’s best for this team?

• What’s the secret to staying competitive against the Packers?

• If Fuller isn’t able to play on Sunday, who picks up the slack?


James Neveau, NBC Chicago (Twitter | story archive)

Bears Must Stop Finger-Pointing, Focus on Football (NBC Chicago)

VIDEO: Lamarr Houston injures himself celebrating (NFL.com)

Where Are They Now? Former Chicago Bears RB Rashaan Salaam (ChicagoFootball.com)

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