Episode 15: Week 12 Preview vs. Buccaneers — Lovie Smith’s Return To Chicago

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In this week’s episode, Jordan and I recover from a few weeks of depression and highlight the positives in the Bears’ encouraging win over the Vikings. We also discuss the state of the special teams and Lovie Smith‘s return to Soldier Field.

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• How the Bears’ win over the Vikings is evidence concerns about leadership — both from coaches and players — were overblown.

• The one element of the Bears’ offense that is nearly unstoppable.

• Why did the Vikings try to play man coverage on WRs Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery?

• Experts gave mixed reviews on the offensive line … who do we believe?

• Bears’ defensive performance vs. Minnesota was the best since the win over Atlanta … who stood out?

• Why special teams continue to be a nightmare (we’re looking at you, Chris Williams)

• Why Lovie Smith will hear more cheers than boos at Soldier Field on Sunday

• How Smith was just one win away from being immortalized in Chicago sports history

• The Bucs, now 2-8, were a trendy sleeper heading into the season … what happened?

• How the Bears dodged a bullet when QB Josh McCown signed with Tampa

• What the Bears can exploit against the Bucs; what the Bears need to watch out for


Hub Arkush: Grading the Chicago Bears (vs. Vikings), not the opponent (ChicagoFootball.com)

ReFo: Vikings at Bears, Week 11 (Pro Football Focus)

Lovie Smith on return to Chicago: ‘I loved my time there’ (Chicago Tribune)

Jeremiah Ratliff on approaching the rest of the season: “It’s easy when you give yourself no options.” (CBS Chicago)

Lawrence Holmes, CBS Chicago, AM-670 WSCR (Twitter)

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