Chicago Bears on National Signing Day

Today is National Signing Day or College Football’s Draft Day. Each high school recruit is given a ranking on a star scale with 5 stars being the highest. Then each school is graded by the number of recruits they signed and the number of stars those recruits were given, similar to Draft Day grades. Many times, the star ratings end up meaning nothing. For example, JJ Watt was a 2 star recruit out of high school and many 5 star recruits go undrafted in the NFL.

Throughout the years, the Bears have drafted some 5 recruits and currently have 3 on the roster.

2002 Devin Hester (28th overall) Miami

2003 Greg Olsen (10th overall) Miami

2005 Martellus Bennett (8th overall) Texas A&M

2007 Jimmy Clausen (1st overall) Notre Dame

2010 Christian Jones (20th overall) Florida State

Jimmy Clausen

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