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7 Bears Head Coaching Candidates

Marc Trestman has been fired after going 13-19 in his two seasons in Chicago. The Bears will begin the search for the next head coach. Other head coaching vacancies have also opened up in Atlanta, San Fransisco, New York Jets, and likely Oakland.

With Jim Harbaugh going to the University of Michigan, Bears will be without one of their top choices. However, there are plenty of other possibilities and coaching for the Chicago Bears is a job that many would love.

Some of the top names include:

Todd Bowles (currently ARZ Defensive Coordinator)

Darrell Bevell (currently SEA Offensive Coordinator)

Dan Quinn (currently SEA Defensive Coordinator)

Mike Shanahan (former SuperBowl winning coach of the Broncos and also drafted Jay Cutler)

Rex Ryan (former NYJ head coach and son of ’85 Bears Defensive Coordinator, Buddy Ryan)

Teryl Austin (currently DET Defensive Coordinator)

Adam Gase (currently DEN Offensive Coordinator)

Update: Bears looking at Ravens OC and former Texans HC, Gary Kubiak

Adam Gase, Broncos OC

Fan of Tecmo Super Bowl? Check This Out

Bears QB leave a lot to be desired in the 8-bit NES video game Tecmo Super Bowl.
Bears QB leave a lot to be desired in the 8-bit NES video game Tecmo Super Bowl.

Let’s be honest: The NES version of Tecmo Super Bowl is the best football video game of all time.

Yes, it’s quirky. Yes, there are games today that have better graphics. Yes, Bob Nelson is not the greatest NFL player of all time.

However, if you love the game as much as these guys, you’ll be happy to know you can now find an analysis of player attributes for every team and position in the game.

Tecmo Geek has come up with a custom calculation to rate every player in the game, taking into account that some of the  player attributes matter more than others, and some don’t matter at all (like Quickness for defensive players).

If you’re interested in how the Bears grade out, here you go.

Spoiler alert: QB Jim Harbaugh is the second-worst quarterback in the game (second to only Steve Grogan) but RB Neal Anderson is a stud.